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We are designers in bespoke luxury travel and specialise in couples-only getaways, be it any occasion you are celebrating. Honeymoons, anniversaries, babymoons, birthdays or just good old romance.

Our well travelled team curates a seamless journey through meticulous planning and personalised attention in order to design a holiday experience which revolves around your travel style. We are here to inspire you, guide you and to ensure that your planning and holiday is convenient and perfect.

Browse our site. Talk to us. We can explore the possibilities together.

Bond over Experiences

Having toured the world and experienced what different countries have on offer, we found that there's so much more to do than visit exotic locales or stay in top-notch accommodations. That's when, with each honeymoon we started reinventing ourselves by giving each couple something more to discover. We realized that a honeymoon could be all the more exciting when couples indulge in experiences that give them a chance to not just discover new countries but discover each other. These authentic experiences could vary from taking tango lessons in Buenos Aires, to picking grapes and making wine in Italy or even going scuba diving together in Fiji!

These moments of revelations, of headiness and the thrill of experiencing something new is what we want our honeymooners to indulge in. We only curate experiences based on tastes and preferences and sometimes even go the extra mile to custom design experiences exclusively. We encourage you to "bond over experiences" on your honeymoon with A Travel Duet.

Planning your Honeymoon

Once you approach us, we would love to talk to both of you. We'd love to hangout with you and understand your likes and dislikes.

Our honeymoon handcrafters will speak to you about your requirements and they'll start designing your itinerary.

We love working with couples and also know that a honeymoon is a cherished memory. Which is why our travel experts personally explore and handpick some of our recommended experiences. You can always give them a shout and they'll be happy to share ideas or talk about their previous escapes.

Our website is a reflection of our style of travel. Scroll through our escapades, help us with answers to some questions and we'll be on our way to creating your special journey.

Pritish Shah / Calcutta

A Travel Duet is Pritish's initiative. Armed with a masters in tourism from Bournemouth University, UK he combined his experience in the tourism industry with travel experiences to discover honeymoon destinations that were yet untapped by Indian couples. He started his homework for A Travel Duet by visiting off-beat destinations, researching experiences for honeymooners which culminated into the creation of this unique company.

Favourite travel experiences: Flying a stunt plane in Motueka,New Zealand and Snorkelling at Sunset in Tavueni Island, Fiji.

Countries visited: Thailand, Singapore, Maldives, Nepal, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Monaco, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, South Africa, Zambia, UAE, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, USA, Mexico

Kanika Gandhi Mumbai

Avid traveller, sports enthusiast, spa junkie packed into one, Kanika spearheads the company in Mumbai. She brings to the company a repertoire of experiences and knowledge, gained while living overseas, traveling to about twenty countries along with doing her MBA at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.

Favourite Travel experiences: A month spent island hopping in Greece and traveling through Turkey

Counties Visited: Greece, Turkey, USA, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, UAE, Italy, Switzerland, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Antigua & Barbuda, Mexico, Cuba, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, South Africa, Thailand, Maldives, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, China, Philippines, Botswana, Oman, San Marino

Shimul Shroff / Ahmedabad

A psychology graduate, Shimul has been a part of the travel industry for over twenty five years. She has been a follower of ATD and connected with us at a time when we were looking to expand. Apart from travelling, she loves cooking, crafts, designing, music and farming. Meeting new people and discovering new cultures give her a high.

Favourite Travel Moment: Exploring the Norwegian fjords

Countries visited: Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, East Africa, Tanzania, South Africa, USA, Canada, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia,​ ​Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Dubai,​ ​Abu Dhabi, Zambia, Croatia, Mauritius, Uzbekistan, Brazil,​ ​Argentina

Deepti Punjabi / Bangalore

After a degree in commerce and an executive MBA from IIM Calcutta, Deepti's started her career with banking before making the transition to the travel industry in 2014. She has lived in Mauritius and her love for travel has led her to set up ATD's Bangalore office. Understanding a client's expectations and ensuring that they have memories of a lifetime give her a high!

Favourite travel moment: Being able to dance a flamenco sequence after a 30 min lesson during a road trip in Spain.

Countries visited: UAE, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hongkong, New Zealand, Gibraltar, Spain, Canary Islands, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Mauritius, South Africa, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Nepal, Greece, Prague, Australia

Divya Binani / New Delhi

Divya grew up in a business family in Calcutta and went on to study in the UK. She has a creative head and is passionate about Photography. After working in the print and design industry, she now looks after ATD clients in the north from her base in Delhi. Her hobbies include reading, sports, music, movies, art and craft and all kinds of travel.

Favourite travel moment: Driving through forests in Luxembourg at night and spotting the beautifully lit up castle at Vianden. Set on a hilltop, it was golden against the dark sky, simply a sight to behold. So much so that we stopped the car, got out and just stood there, looking at it, just taking the scene in.

Countries visited: Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden, New Zealand, Philippines, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Vietnam, Cambodia, Luxembourg, Germany, Australia

Bespoke Experiences

Your honeymoon itinerary is only the beginning of a handcrafted experience. What we like to add to each itinerary is our personal touch. These could be handpicked fine dining suggestions, hidden local recommendations or even mind-blowing surprises during your honeymoon. All our honeymoon crafters work with couples individually and keep note of minute details that help us come up with innovative ideas for each couple. It is possible for any luxury honeymoon specialist to provide the highest of comforts but we enjoy adding an additional element of style to our itineraries.

Over the course, we've had the opportunity to create unique experiences for couples that wanted to surprise, celebrate and plan a honeymoon of their dreams. Some of these truly bespoke experiences include the following:

Would you like to personalize your honeymoon experience? Get in touch with us at signature@atravelduet.com