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Bathe Like An Arabian ​Prince​ss!​ Spain

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  • Best Time to Visit

    April - June & September - October
  • Time Difference

    +4 hours 30 minutes
  • Estimated Flight Time

    Approx 13 hours 50 minutes+
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This Arabian bath includes three different pools at varying temperature​s​ and is located exactly at the same place an original Hammam was placed. The building dates back to ​the ​8th & 14th century. The mosaics with geometric designs, columns carved with arabesque motif, complete the recreation of the Andalusian society. The arches and vaults punctuated by skylights only enhance this former epicenter. Alternate between warm, hot and cold baths and a​n​ oil massage as well. Relax in the steam and warmth (talking is​n’t​ allowed to ​help maintain the peaceful atmosphere) of the Hammam. If you are craving some ​​Moroccan mint tea and some honey covered baklava, head to Plaza Nueva. A perfect romantic city break​!​

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