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Wake up to the company of Kangaroos Australia

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What We Say

  • Best Time to Visit

    November - March
  • Time Difference

    + 5 hours 30 minutes
  • Estimated Flight Time

    14 hours
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Discovering Australia can be quite exciting. You could visit the sugar sand beaches, the fun theme parks, buzzing cities or through less discovered gems like Barossa Valley. Known for its world-class food and wine experiences, you will be delighted by the region’s farm fresh produce. A little-known fact about Barossa is that it is home to conservation park too. What could be a better way of experiencing the best of Australia than indulging in a breakfast session surrounded by kangaroos? You’ll be driven to a national park and given a spot in the park where you can enjoy your gourmet breakfast alongside a family of kangaroos enjoying their first meal! Prepare yourself to be amazed at the sights that are to follow. This one’s a memory worth preserving.

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