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Escapades Togetherness begins with little adventures.


Swap those choc-a-block travel routines with inspiring journeys that will leave a lasting impression on your senses. Imagine a honeymoon where you get to indulge in gourmet safaris, stay in incredibly designed cocoons or live the life of locals. Scoot around on a bike, step into a piece of vintage luxury or create your own concoction. We've handpicked some of our favourites that will treat you to authentic experiences, and not just famous destinations. Browse through some of these escapades to spark off your next adventure.

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Bathe Like An Arabian ​Prince​ss!​


From Designing Shoes to Designing a Hotel


Romantic luxury in a bay of your own

New Zealand

Dine at a Residential Bath Palace


Paint the town red!

New Zealand

Set off on an epicurean adventure at this olive grove!

New Zealand

Dine by the waterfall in a forest


Switch off from the world on a treetop chalet


Immerse yourself in Malay culture at a heritage mansion

Penang, Malaysia

Pamper yourself on a day long spa safari


Step into a dream honeymoon suite


Sneak out for an aphrodisiac picnic in bed

Bali, Indonesia
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