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Cooking up some romance in Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand

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  • Best Time to Visit

    Throughout the Year
  • Time Difference

    +1 hour 30 minutes
  • Estimated Flight Time

    4 hours
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Within a few hours, the aromas of Khao Soi Gai (Thailand’s signature yellow curry noodles with chicken), Larb Muang Moo (Northern-Style Spicy Pork Salad) and Pla Tub Tim Ping, (Red Tilapia Grilled in a Banana Leaf) will be wafting through the room as you whip up the dishes and then — here’s the best part — sit down to dig in. Begin your classes with a trip to the local market where you will be finding your ingredients to use during the class. The open-air dining area of the pavilion, designed in a traditional lana style, offers spectacular views of tree-lined mountains, extensively landscaped gardens and a waterfall, and is a perfect venue to enjoy the dishes created during the class. Do take part in the unique fruit carving session at the end, which gives you a chance to learn this traditional Thai skill!

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