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Let A Singing Bowl Rejuvenate Your Senses Switzerland

Home Escapades Let A Singing Bowl Rejuvenate Your Senses

What We Say

  • Best Time to Visit

    December to March
  • Time Difference

    -3 hours 30 minutes
  • Estimated Flight Time

    Approx 10 hours
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This one will certainly be one of the most unique spa experiences that you’ll ever have! It all begins when you enter the room where this beautiful bowl made of solid bronze, weighing 1.2 tons and a diameter of 1.76 meters awaits you. The dim lights, heart warming scents and cozy furniture welcome you along with a glass of fresh juice. The practitioner asks you to either stand in the bowl or lay on the hammock above it, hearing and feeling the vibrations. The bowl exerts a powerful influx of energy which resonates throughout your body and catapults it into a different dimension. With one strike generating roughly five minutes of reverberations and millions of vibrations, you can experience just how wonderfully relaxing sounds can be in scenic Switzerland!

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