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Experience a night in an authentic 70s Airstream Australia

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    + 4 hours 30 minutes
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    Approx 20 hrs
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A haven for instagrammers. Six authentic, gleaming silver American 70s airstream trailers sit atop a low roof in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. This hotel is the brainchild of James Fry, who owns the three-level car park with his dad. The space is bordered by office buildings whose walls have been sprayed with pink paint that compliments the look of the “trailer park”. The silver trailers act like mirrors, making for some sensational photo opportunities for your Instagram profile. All the city noise fades away once you enter the caravan – which is surprisingly spacious. Expect a queen size bed, a free mini bar with Paul Louis bubbles, gourmet chocolate and chips, premium bathroom products and a private deck. You also get complimentary “Wi-fi and Netflix”on your very own iPad. Some of the caravans have “special benefits” which give you access to a private outdoor spa. Parking is gratis, naturally.

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