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Photo Safari Memories of magical moments.


Memories to last decades. Grass greener than your imagination, the sun's golden rays slowly slipping past the horizon. You're together in a secluded corner with a bottle of the finest spirit and gourmet cheese laid out by your side. As you cozy up on a picnic blanket, the violin plays somewhere close by. It's a moment that may not replicate itself often. It's a treasure and we've got it covered.

Candid Photography

Candid couple photography is a popular part of each wedding today. Taking inspiration from this concept, we created our own exclusive photo shoots for honeymooning couples. The idea is to let you spend time together at a jaw dropping beautiful location and in no time our expert photographer will have your romantic moments captured as stills.

We started our Photo Safaris in New Zealand and now we have couples opting for these in Italy, France, Bali, Australia and other parts of the world.

To book yourself a photo safari contact us at

Real moments of your honeymoon, on digital video.

Video Safari