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Sherry and Vaibhav Honeymoon in Queensland, Australia

By admin 1st December, 2017

As much as it is relevant to know a destination well, to be able to bring out its best through some of the most authentic experiences, it is essential to know the couple too. You can’t just blindly send a couple somewhere, just because it is on this year’s top 10 places to visit hotlist, can you? Well, we definitely don’t!



So our process begins at the very beginning. Meeting the Mr. and Missus. And a gazillion wish lists, bucket lists and we like this but…lists later, somewhere, down the line we all, finally, agree. Y’see, it’s a process, a building of a relationship between them and us.


I think it’s all about bringing them to the place through images, words, and pure, good ol’ gift of the gab! But, and this is verrrryyy imperative, it’s all about keeping it very real. Yes, we can spin some really dreamy experiences, but we do keep it real. And relaxed too, even if you are a high-energy adventure junky!



And that’s exactly what we got with Sherry and Vaibhav! Adrenalin-buzzing, travel-ecstatic, junkies! Perfect!




There were many places that came to mind at that time of year, but we were looking for a balance. A place where there are days of endless sunshine, gorgeous coastal towns, some of the finest beaches in the Southern Hemisphere, rainforests, that cosmopolitan urban vibe and of course all those exciting things to tick off the bucket list!


Queensland. Just right.


Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast


Skydiving, Cairns



So we threw them out of a plane and we pushed them into the deep blue. We left them in the middle of the ocean, deserted. We put them smack dab in the middle of the wild. We threw them at the waves.


And they loved every, single, moment of it.


The Great Barrier Reef



Whether it was free-falling towards Cairns, or looking for and finding Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef, whether it was enjoying their own private island which was a treat even for us to plan, or conquering the waves on their surf boards, whether it was indulging in a romantic 3 course meal or a friendly rendezvous with the Roo’s and wallabies, whether it was a raucous night amongst puppets or indulging their shopaholic alter egos, “Travelling together is the best way to learn things about each other. And when the destination is as beautiful as Queensland, the bonding is extra special”!



                          Sandy Cay, Great Barrier Reef                                                                      Pacific Fair, Gold Coast



All in all, they wanted “a destination that offers a mix of luxury, adventure and great food”.
So we found the right mix into which we could muddle in a bunch of different activities, and voila, the exhilarating, delicious cocktail that is Queensland. And of course it was even better because there was “enough time to relax and enough time to take in the place and each other”!!


Kayaking, Silky Oaks Lodge, Mossman



Queensland. The perfect pick to bond over experiences.


Here’s a sneak peek into Sherezade’s and Vaibhav’s honeymoon experiences :


Skydiving at Cairns




Romantic Dinner at the Treehouse Restaurant at The Silky Oaks Lodge, Mossman




Dreamtime walk and indigenous Australia experience at the Mossman Gorge Centre




The Great Barrier Reef cruise and dive with Quicksilver from Port Douglas




Return to Port Douglas by helicopter with a stop at a Sandy Cay




QT Port Douglas




Stunning views at at Snapper Rocks




Live Teppenyaki Dinner at Misono Surfer’s Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa, Gold Coast




Mountain biking and 4WD at Spicer’s Hidden Vale, Brisbane




Shopping fun at Pacific fair Shopping Centre, Gold Coast



Surfing lessons at Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast




Photograph Credits: Mr. Brad Newton