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Sleep, Eat, Record, Repeat Bali

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What We Say

  • Best Time to Visit

    May - July
  • Time Difference

    +2 hours 30 minutes
  • Estimated Flight Time

    Approx 7 hours 41 minutes+
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    Om Suastiastu

With it’s iconic beachfront, sunset deck and a late night basement club, this resort is well equipped to attract a range of top tier talent. Taking the music experience to the next level, this hotel introduces the first ever Suite, a private recording studio and creative space to further support artists, no matter when inspiration may hit. Drawing comparisons to Ibiza, it is a stunning paradise where music and creativity blossom endlessly. Record and remix
with professional level equipment and lay some tracks overlooking a tropical garden. Whether it’s private recording sessions or a Master Class, our music curator is here to show you the way. Let’s make some music together!

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