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Suite Temptation in Europe

By admin 16th March, 2017

So, you like those private spas, your very own butler, feather-touch controls and maybe even 20 pillow choices; all those perfect ingredients that go into your perfectly sleek honeymoon suite and then some. Of course none of this would be fun without those magnificent, awe-inspiring views! And, when you’re in Europe, the views come in abundance, it’s just a matter of how well they are placed in your line of sight. That’s what sets some of Europe’s spectacular suites, apart!



The Penthouse Suite @ The Conservatorium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


With floor to ceiling windows, multi-mirrored swagger and loft-style panache, this suite is slick and doggedly modern. Of course you do have your usual suspects, the Persian rugs, the antique Dutch furniture, charcoal, honey and oats palettes, but all revved up with bolder colours and playful accents, giving it a sort of sobered down, rock and roll chic appeal. Imagine, standing there, perched atop the rooftops of Amsterdam, wrapped in luxury, gigantic windows, reflecting surfaces and barely-there barriers, looking across at the fairytale-like Rijksmuseum. And oh that bathroom, with its Prada fragrances and marbled elegance, its rooftop views and even a separate entrance into the salon area for your own personal stylist – given you’re the likes of Mr. & Mrs. Very High Profile. This suite, is undeniably sexy!



Redentore Terrazza Suite @ The Gritti Palace, Venice, Italy


Nope, it is not the largest or the grandest suite at the Gritti Palace, in fact it competes with 20 others, but it sure is cosy and royally romantic. With a private lift access and state-of-the-art technology intelligently integrated with its sumptuous splendour of warm, rich reds and beautiful silk floral wall coverings, antiques, paintings, frescoes, the whole Venetian gamut, this isn’t the real high-point of this suite! That, my darlings, would be up on its terrace. And while you can’t ignore the private pool and the size of the terrace, especially in a place like Venice, you would be compelled to turn away to take in the astonishingly spectacular 360 degree panorama of towers, rooftops, the lagoon in the distance, the Giudecca island, the duomo, a beautiful stretch of the Grand Canal and of course the distant silhouette of the Redentore, from where the suite gets its name. Bellisima!



Suite Chaillot @ Shangri-La, Paris


Credits: Shangri La, Paris

You have got to see this one! Well, it is a wee bit of an indulgence, ok a super-splurge, but you simply must! You’ve already figured out the city of loooove, oozing with l’amour. Now, add this to your romantic itinerary and you’ll be scaling some stupendously romantic heights with the city’s well, the world’s, most quintessential symbol of love, slap-bang in your face! Not a joke – think Bruce Almighty pulling the moon closer to the balcony for his lady love? Well, it won’t be the moon but it sure could be the Eiffel in the moonlight! And this grand one-bedroom suite is in Napolean Bonaparte’s great-nephew’s former mansion! So cosy up in a soft-as-a-baby’s-bottom duvet, sip on some bubbly, on that splendid terrace and gaze away… no more serpentine queues to the tower eh?





Villa 20 @ Amanzoe, Porto Heli, Greece


How would you like to holiday in a Greek temple? Some sight that would be right? Well, I suppose it would be sacrilegious to honeymoon in an actual Greek temple (or would it?), but the guys at Aman definitely had something of the sort in mind when they made Villa 20! Get ready for one of your most relaxing stays ever and seriously, don’t let the sheer expanse make you think otherwise. You can enjoy spectacular views of the sea, the Peloponnese and the island of Spetses nearby or you can enjoy a lovely walk from the infinity pool (did I mention it is about 130 feet?) to the dining salon or the library or if you’re feeling quite languorous you could just use a funicular lift instead. This suite, no villa, no suite, ok villa-suite, has so many other things to offer – yoga platforms, gym, hamam, orange groves, romantic verandas, even a beach cabana for your guests (y’know aunty and uncle so and so who were just passing by, etc.). Plus, you have staff at your beck and call and a chef to whip up a treat for your every craving and maybe even teach you a few Greek tricks of the trade! One complete experience this, I would say.



Tower Suite @ The Augustine, Prague, Czech Republic


From Greek temple to monastic observatory, there definitely is a religious trend in the hospitality business eh? What am I talking about? Oh yes, almost forgot to mention it – there once was a monastic observatory in Prague which became a three-storey suite complete with a sitting room, narrow spiral staircase of oak, iron and tensile wire, coloured marble bathroom and a bedroom with panoramic vistas. It has a more minimalistic approach to design and style, “monastery chic” if you will. Definitely an experience to experience and a view to view!



The Panorama Suite @ The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland


How would you like to have your very own private apartment set into the Alps? A three-bedroom duplex penthouse to boot? I definitely wouldn’t mind myself some of that exclusivity. A gorgeous composition of wood and understated colours, with a cathedral-ceiling, sculptural gas fireplace and large windows cut into the sloping roof , a kitchen with a chef and even a spa on the second floor with the whole spread – steam room, sauna, massage room and of course a terrace Jacuzzi with the best views in the area! Snow or sun, this would be quite the place for all that serious loving what say?



Royal Penthouse Suite @ The Park Hyatt, Vienna, Austria


If ever you feel an Indian wedding is extravagant, I would advise you to hold on to that thought! For you have definitely not seen the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Park Hyatt in Vienna! It is gargantuan as it is extravagant! No wonder it is the largest suite in Austria, and one of the largest in the world! Think it’s an exaggeration? The extravagance? Well, let me take you down its spiral staircase made entirely of Iranian onyx, passed the mother of pearl-covered table or maybe you’d prefer some of the Fendi furniture like that coffee table made from real stalagmites? Of course you would have to be a tad tech-savvy to say, make that gold screen slip away to reveal a 75 inch television or if you wanted to maybe open the retractable glass ceiling in the living room. And yes security is the best you can get, what with FBI-accredited fingerprint scanners outside the doors. After all it did use to be a bank about a hundred or so years ago and just for that very reason, and for a bit of fun, there is a swimming pool linbed with gold bar flooring in what used to be the vault! So if you’re planning on staying here, and intend on seeing the sights of Vienna – I suggest you change those plans immediately, coz this palatial, bountiful beauty with its magnificent views of the city’s rooftops and church spires and vineyards threading the distant hills like glistening flowing ribbons, is worth days, even weeks of distractions!


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