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Mix it up for some summer lovin’

By admin 22nd February, 2017

Everybody is talking about “offbeat destinations” or “going off the beaten path”. Won’t leave much “offbeat” anymore then would it? Well, that is where we come in. Our team is continuously growing and exploring the world, looking for the most unique and exclusive travel experiences for you, our travel-curious couples. In fact, this year, we are mixing things up a bit by introducing some very interesting destination combinations. Not only will you be making the most of your time, but also you will be looking forward to your next travel treat with eager anticipation.
We have categorized the combinations as per the best time to travel and the perfect flight connections making it easier for you to make your choice and decision while avoiding laborious, varied, multiple weather forecast and flight websites that would only confuse you.



With all the long weekends coming up in 2017 and your travel calendar being as clear as a glass of moonshine, it’s time to pull up your socks and think about when and where you want to romance in the first six months of the year.


a) Japan and Hawaii


Flight connection: India to Tokyo to Hawaii (return): ANA Airlines

Japan and Hawaii Travel

From quirky and bustling Tokyo to relaxed and laid back Okinawa, Japan is a high-tech world with a generous helping of beauty and people who are friendly and polite. You might think that language would be a barrier but please don’t let that stop you from visiting this technologically advanced, very trendy country with a long history of culture and tradition and explore its incredible cuisine, beautiful temples and shrines and its serene zen gardens. And while you’re at it, how would you like to try some sake? Nope! Not just drink it, but also soak in it! One of Japan’s latest trends, well latest for us, but used by geisha’s from time immemorial, to enhance and maintain their almost evergreen beauty. Soak in a bath of sake or relax in a sauna sipping it, or relax in one of Japan’s cool hot springs with a tray of sake just floating around waiting to work its magic on you. In fact, there is an entire theme park in Hakone Kowakien Yunessun dedicated to soaking – in green tea, red wine, coffee and of course sake!
Once you have had your fill of all the buzz and sake, gear up for a whole lot of sea, sun and sand. Aloha Hawaii – you tropical paradise you! Scene opens to hula skirts swaying to the melodic rhythms of an ukulele strumming while waves crash languidly onto soft sands, while a volcano puffs away in the background and you, there you both are, the star couple, sipping your cocktails on the deck of your luxury yacht, sailing into a warm Pacific sunset… your very own Hollywood box-office hit replete with private hula lessons, nightlong luaus and an ocean massage treatment. Need we say more?



b) Hong Kong and Jeju Island


Flight connection: India to Hong Kong: Jet Airways / Cathay Pacific
Hong Kong to Jeju Island: Dragonair
Jeju Island to India via Hong Kong: Dragonair & Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong and Jeju Island Travel

For those city-buffs who can’t live without the chaos and concrete – Hong Kong is where it’s at. From contemporary art to wild nights out, from neighbourhoods full of soul to genre-busting restaurants, this city is a pro at blending retro grit with high glamour. Explore the winding retail-filled lanes of Sheung Wan or the edgy Wong Chuk Hang and its artists or West Kowloon where a vibrant cultural district is being created from scratch. Then when you’re ravenous and bone-tired, head to one of the city’s many Michelin-starred restaurants or high-floor perches and be mesmerised by the skyline over a sunset cocktail.

And once it’s all done and you’re ready to get away from the city’s mad rush, head to lazy days, peace and seclusion (of sorts) on Jeju Island, South Korea. An oasis of breath-taking landscapes you can relax and unwind or if you’re feeling up to it, hike the Olle Trail, visit Loveland, the Lava Tube or get a panoramic view of the island from the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. Whatever it is you choose to do here, Jeju Island delivers a well-rounded experience.



c) South Africa and Mozambique 


Flight connection: India to Johannesburg: Qatar Airways
Johannesburg to Maputo: South Africa Airlines
Maputo to India: South Africa Airlines & Qatar Airways

South Africa and Mozambique Travel

You must be thinking, “South Africa? Done and dusted already guys!” Not really. There is so much more to the country besides the run of the mill itinerary. Get the privilege of making your own signature perfume, spend an entire day getting pampered at a spa, and get some retail therapy with your own personal shopper! Take your love to new heights on a private helicopter flight and experience luxury while cruising to the city on a Harley Davidson. Quite fancy, eh?

In the mood for even more luxury, adventure and indulgence? Who isn’t? Extend your South Africa itinerary to one of the most stunning countries especially for those who love marvellous coastlines, in Mozambique where you can stay in a luxury resort and experience close up game viewing of the Big 5. Mozambique is perfect, if you see yourself (or your significant other) diving, quad biking, digging into the freshest seafood, and lounging around in hammocks. An awesome beach-centric , less-frequented destination, Mozambique can be a tad difficult to travel through , but that’s where we come in making your holiday a hassle-free success!



d) Europe and Mexico


Flight connection: India to Paris to Mexico City – Air France
San Jose to Amsterdam to India – KLM Airways

Europe and Mexico Travel

When people think of a classically romantic honeymoon, they automatically think of Paris. And with good reason, after all, Paris is the City of Love and is home to the creation that attracts all the romantics – The Eiffel Tower. You will fall in love as soon as you step foot in the city. There’s food, wine, history, romance – it’s hard not to see the magic! Beyond Paris, there are many other options for a romantic getaway in the continent. The Greek isles are perfect if you’re looking to get away from all the stresses of a wedding and just spend some time together. Get enchanted in Prague. Live life in the lap of luxury with a trip down to the French Riviera and Monaco. Hit the Swiss Alps. Make some time for Malta for a Mediterranean break. These are just a few suggestions, there is so much more to see and do.

Once you’ve had your fill of the classic European romance, it’s time to up the heat and get your groove on with the vibrancy of the infamous Me-hi-co! Redefine romance and ‘getting away’ in a hotel that is dedicated to love and romance, so much so, that they actually have a Romance Director whose job is to help prepare and organise your various surprises for that perfect starry-eyed experience. You could also put on a chef’s hat and prepare something special for your better half or watch a classic movie under the stars on a beach, be the typical tourist in Tulum and sip on a margarita in the small shacks (on the beach again!) Or, for a more authentic experience, that takes you back in time to an era full of romance and riches, check into a hacienda. Whatever your mood might be, Mexico has it all; cultural festivals, sleepy colonial towns, beaches and resorts, a little Spanish influence here, some Meso-American influences there, everything in its historic glory basking in the sun, amidst clear waters and pretty perfect climate. And then, there’s two million kilometres MORE of this vibrant country to explore… what say you?