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Moments Captured for Life

Your special journey begins from the time you step into an aircraft. It's a journey that is made of a million memorable moments. These moments find a place in your heart. They take you back in time and make you relive the joy and excitement of your honeymoon. So why not preserve these moments in a way that will make you relive them again and again?

Gift your spouse the ultimate treasure. Real moments of your honeymoon, on digital video. Our team of expert videographers will ensure that your best moments are recorded perfectly. Get in touch with us to know more on how we can plan this for you.

Watch Sherry and Vaibhav's epic honeymoon film!

"The variety that Queensland offers as a destination was astounding. One could go to a beautiful beach in Gold Coast, Experience an ancient forest at the Mossman Gorge, Jump out of a plane from 14000 feet at Cairns, witness the luxury of Port Douglas and interact with kangaroos & wallabies in the wild, at the Spicer's Hidden Vale. Of course our favorite memory was landing on the Sandy Cay because after all you can’t beat having your own private island! As well as jumping out of a plane and into the Great Barrier Reef! We saw Nemo is the flesh and we got two things of both of our bucket lists! We are also big on food and we are adventurous with it too! So we stuffed our mouths pretty much at every meal; the food was that delicious! Basically, travelling together is the best way to learn things about each other. We would say, the next time anyone plans a honeymoon, pick a destination that offers a mix of luxury, adventure and great food. Try to mix things up a bit when it comes to incorporating different activities to do. There should be enough time to relax and enough time to take in the place and each other!! That’s what we did, especially since we got immaculate planning sorted ahead of our trip (thank you A Travel Duet), which meant we were able to just enjoy ourselves. And when the destination is as beautiful as Queensland, the bonding is extra special! Best Trip Ever!!!"

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Watch Mihir and Shikha's epic honeymoon film!

"When we heard about A Travel Duet and how their couples recommended them saying that they can take any romantic holiday to new heights, we didn't realize that they meant it quite literally! I mean , did we ever in our craziest fantasies think that we would be cozied up, indulging in fabulous food and views on a treetop?! NO! But they made it happen! Sure, we went to Thailand, lots of people go there. But the experiences we had while at Soneva Kiri, Keemala and Four Seasons Chiang Mai, it definitely is beyond anyone’s expectations. Well, the husband learnt to cook and I (Shikha) can have my very own ‘designer’ umbrellas, because I learnt how to paint them! And while we enjoyed all this exclusive pampering, ATD had the most amazing videographers capturing it! And no, there was no intrusion of privacy either. It was all handled ever so beautifully! So not only do we now have photographs but we have our memories in motion! A Travel Duet, most definitely, are dream weavers"

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Watch Arjun and Varsha's epic honeymoon film!

"One of the best parts of any special moments in life is when you can relive them through photos. But, A Travel Duet helped us create something even more precious and unforgettable. They showed us that a perfect honeymoon video is possible. From capturing the beautiful tiny moments to every special surprise that team ATD gave us, the dream videographers captured it all. Privacy was never an issue with these guys as they gave us enough ‘us’ time and got us to reveal a lot more about each other through the video. Can't thank you all enough for giving us the most dreamlike honeymoon in reality!!"

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Exclusive photo shoots for honeymooning couples.

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