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Do you provide a breakdown of costs?

BY Aneesha

This is completely subjective to the region you’re traveling to and our partners involved. On most occasions we are able to provide a breakdown of costs for hotels. To manage your expectations better we have designed two different approaches on how we can curate your itinerary :  

Option A – For those who value service. 

Where we leverage a leading partner for real-time travel assistance, with hotel bookings at preferred rates. While you enjoy tailored experiences and insider insights to discover the destination like a local, though cost breakdowns may not be available due to bundled packages with contracted rates as they are not allowed to be disclosed individually.

Option B –  For those who are price sensitive. 

Direct bookings with preferred partner hotels for added benefits, no on ground partner intermediaries and we use the hotel concierge services for coordination. Experiences from concierge and individual suppliers available with a service charge on the total amount, and cost breakdowns are feasible.