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A Travel Duet Celebrations Illustration

Celebrate in style

Quality time with loved ones is a luxury. We know that each couple is different and no two celebrations can be the same, so we make them meaningful with attention to the finest detail.

Don't miss your chance to sweep your partner off their feet by surprising them with something special.

A Travel Duet Line Illustration

Romantic Picnic

The next time you go for a walk, there just could be a surprise waiting for you around the corner! Food, wine, games and your significant other are the perfect combo to turn any picnic into a lifelong memory. It’s the fact that you make time to live in that moment, that will make it extra special!
Romantic Picnic image
A Travel Duet Line Illustration

Treasure Hunt

Nothing beats finding treasure, even more so when you can share the hunt with your loved ones. We give you the clues, now you find the treasure trove. Add a little mystery to your trip so you and your loved one can solve it all together! You found each other, but will you find the treasure too?
Treasure Hunt image
A Travel Duet Line Illustration

Renew your vows

Fall in love all over again as you exchange your vows once again and celebrate everything you’ve accomplished as a couple so far. Nothing is more rewarding than getting another confirmation of the love you share for each other!
Renew your vows image
A Travel Duet Line Illustration

Cinema on the beach

Always wanted to watch a movie under the starlit skies, surrounded by romantic lighting in order to create the perfect setting for a once-in-a-lifetime movie experience? We make it so special you’ll even forget about the popcorn(even though we get that bit sorted too of course)!
Cinema on the beach image

While these are just some of our ideas to woo your boo, get in touch with us to know more