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Who do we cater to?

Like tailors of haute couture, we craft each trip for those of you celebrating love. From the grandeur of love showered during your honeymoon to keeping it low-key for your vow renewal, we put lots of care into fine-tuning your getaway to make sure it fits just the two of you.


Being the romantics we are, we understand the magic behind this life-changing moment. Whether you envision an intimate, heartwarming gesture straight out of a chick-flick or a grand, fairy tale-worthy event, leave the details to us, we're here to ensure your proposal is as special as the two of you are.


Wedding celebrations, although exhilarating can be an extremely stressful affair. And your honeymoon is likely the best chance you get to take it easy and bond with each other. It can be by the pool sipping cocktails while watching the sunset on the beaches of Mexico, or chasing the migration in Maasai Mara. The choice is all yours.


You’re all set to embark on the most exciting chapter of your lives together: becoming parents! But before the little one arrives, spend some quality time together - just the two of you- relaxing & rejuvenating. Getting ready for what’s about to come.

Romantic Getaway

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away in St Tropez or dive into a romantic escape at a secluded island, we’re always up for celebrating you (& your boo). Celebrating your milestone in style with an unforgettable holiday! Here’s to good times. Here’s to the two of you!

Pricing category

While you're dreaming of making memories, we are here to deliver everything you need.
The 3 options we lay in front of you are the beginning of a seamless journey.
Take your pick and watch some extraordinary moments unfold along the way!

Premium experience

Our Premium holidays ensure affordable luxury is taken care of, so we pick out the best entry level & boutique hotels for you across multiple destinations along with small group experiences.

Trip Range:

1250 - 1750 USD per couple
per day.

Signature experience

Our Signature holidays will take you a notch above and cover better experiential stays with a mix of private and shared experiences, an upgrade to fancier cars along with assistance in concierge services.

Trip Range:

1750 - 2500 USD per couple
per day.

Platinum experience

Our Platinum Category is for those who want the best in life with a no budget constraint.

Indulge your extravagance and comfort with some of our most exclusive partners, private experiences and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Trip Range:

2500 USD onwards per couple
per day.