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Epicurean Adventures

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – Nihi Sumba

Is there anything more fun than playing with chocolate and even creating your own personal slab of deliciousness? No wonder you'll feel like playing a part in Charlie & the chocolate factory. But who are we to judge?!

Cooking Class Experience – Michelin Chef – Ritz Paris

Spending time in the kitchen in one of the culinary capitals of the world is a gastronomical dream come true. And certainly if you can do it together with some of the best chefs at the famous Ritz hotel.

Truffle Hunting – Italy

Nothing will get your blood pumping more than finding one of these black wonders of nature. As truffles are worldwide regarded as one of the luxury ingredients to elevate any dish, it's not that easy to get your hands on them. But with this hunt you'll be in the best position to get lucky.

Oyster Shucking Experience – Tasmania

Oysters are one of the gems found in the sea and they are best when they are freshly shucked. This experience will insure just that, as it will allow you to pick these mouthwatering delicacies directly from the clean Tasmanian waters.

Coffee Tasting – Colombia

If there's a country that is known for its coffee, it must be Colombia. Immerse yourself in the smell and taste of this black gold while enjoying several different varieties. Your senses will be spoiled with an overload of different impulses while you become a true caffeine connoisseur.

Cigar Masterclass – Havana

It's not a secret that Cuba produces some of the best cigars in the world, and this masterclass will give you all the tools to become a true cigar pro. Learning everything about the taste and aromas is just the start of everything you'll be taught.

Matcha Tea Ceremony – Japan

Traditions don't get much better than this. Immerse in the Japanese ways of creating the perfect cup of matcha tea. The ceremony is steeped in history and while being seated in a traditional tearoom on the tatami floor, you'll be able to truly enjoy the taste of this typical Japanese delight.

Taste Wine from Your Birth Year – Seppeltsfield Barossa Valley

We all like a good glass of wine, but what about drinking one from your birth year? This is the exact experience which you'll have when visiting the Centennial cellar at Seppeltsfield. Truly a once in a lifetime chance to find out if the wine that matches your year of birth, aged equally well as you.

Under Restaurant – Norway

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it and Under is no different. This is one of the most unique restaurants in the world, half-sunken into the ice cold waters that surround Norway. Without a doubt one of the most amazing marriages between architecture and gastronomy.

Klein Jan – South Africa

Imagine a culinary oasis in the middle of the desolate and rugged Kalahari desert, housed in an insanely beautiful structure that both houses a root cellar as a world class restaurant. Now put a Michelin starred chef at the helm of the kitchen and you'll get a sense of what to expect when eating at Klein Jan.

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