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Sauna in Antarctica

Already the location is off the charts, yet being able to sit back and enjoy the heat of the sauna in the coldest place on earth is mind boggling. While the contrast is a mind twister you won't have the time to reflect too much upon this unique feat as the views over this rugged landscape will leave you breathless.

5 Senses Experiences – Bali

This sensory journey will touch on every aspect of the wellness spectrum and is going to make sure to relax every tension you might have. By focusing on the full spectrum of our senses it assures you will be fully relaxed and energised afterwards.

Spa Safari – Nihi Sumba

Go on a soul searching safari assisted by Indonesia's rich healing history to find inner balance and bliss. The tropical setting only helps to align both the body and the soul while the surroundings only enhance the overall experience.

Soneva Soul- Maldives

A place where ancient healing wisdom and modern science collide to create innovation in the wellness space. Fact that it's located in one of the most stunning locations in the world, being the Maldives, just adds to the overall experience.

Yeatman – Wine Spa – Porto

Wine isn't the only thing for which grapes can be used. At this wine spa you'll be able to experience a red wine grape bath among many other options while overlooking one of the coolest cities in Europe.

7132 Vals – Largest Thermal in EU

The legendary hot springs in the middle of the Swiss Alps are without a doubt a must when given the chance. The well-being of each guest is the central pillar around which all the treatments and experiences will be designed.

La Mamounia Hammam – Marrakech

If fairytales could come true this is how it would look like. Intimate and beautifully designed hammams combined with all the other wellness treats you can imagine will make sure your stay in this amazing city will be memorable.

Dior Spa, Cap du Eden Roc – Antibes

When two iconic luxury brands like Oetker and Dior come together the result is nothing short of magical. Being pampered in the lush gardens or within the majestic Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, the Mediterranean vibes, colours and smells will be omnipresent, irrelevant of your choice.

Onsen Pools – New Zealand

Soaking up the panoramic views while enjoying the cedar-lined hot pools is certainly the perfect addition to your New Zealand itinerary. This day spa perfect to bring some tranquillity in your journey on the island.

Spa at Royal Malewane – South Africa

Imagine the most stunning spa in the middle of the African bush where the beauty and pureness of nature translates in insane wellness amidst one of the most unique locations in the world. It will make your African adventure complete.

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